Quick Update as to Why I’ve Been MIA

So, life is a little crazy. I’m in the middle of trying to organize my move back home. Most of my fish have sold, and the tanks are starting to sell as well.

So until I get settled back east, there won’t be many posts about fish - unfortunately.


Cat Updates

All 4 kitties are fantastic. :)


Snake updates

Sally is breeding age, weight and length. I’m looking around for a male to put with her and see if she takes

The corns will get their new tanks next week. Moving up to 36x12x18 tanks. Which means I have to move some shelves around - but that’s fairly easy.

Titan has eaten twice for me now. 1 brained pinkie. But - 1 is better than none :). It sits with its head poking out of its hide. Which is super cute.

New addition - Leusistic Texas Rat names Lucifer. Don’t really have much to say about him because I only paid for him yesterday. And he won’t come home until the corns get their new tanks and their old one becomes free.


Fish Updates

Pretty much everything is for sale at this point. With the exception of the two big tanks and my first 10 gallon.

With work, and Bully dying - 13 tanks is too much for me right now.


Titan was out climbing when it knew I was in the room. #thatsprogress


Scarlett :)


MeowMix is getting big :)


Sad news

Bully has passed :-(



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